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Let's get creative 

(in a research-backed, evidence-based kinda way)

Hip Hop Dancer

My work is both attachment-focused and systemic.

Attachment-focused therapy means that we look at how you grew up and were taken care of in tandem with the pivotal experiences that you've had in relationships throughout your life. This helps us to better understand how those experiences shaped the way you relate to yourself and others. 

Systemic therapy means that we look at how all of the parts of your life connect to and influence one another. No part works in isolation. This is also true for all of your internal parts. We all have a system of parts within us that get activated in different moments, to our benefit or our detriment. I often work with clients to find which parts are serving us and which parts are harming us (or both, at once!). We then find a path towards getting the system at large to work in greater harmony - so that you can feel more at peace.

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