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While I work with clients on a broad range of issues related to relationships and anxiety, I also have specific expertise in the below areas.

The Transition to Parenthood

The shift from life pre-parenthood to the having a child is all-consuming and life-altering in nearly every conceivable way. I help individuals and couples navigate the complexities of these changes. We work through exhaustion, energy sucks, identity crises and everything in between in order to stay connected to their own identity, sanity and vision for the life they want.

High-Intensity Creative Careers

Creatives are often enlivened and burdened by the desire to analyze and understand the complex dynamics of life in order to use that knowledge in their work. I have significant experience working with this type of person to translate that curiosity into the self, solving problems of everyday existence alongside managing the pressures of a high intensity, high visibility career.

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